Pearls just wanna have fun!

Far  more  than  just  your  grandmother’s  favourite  necklace,  pearls  today  are  regarded  as both  classic  and  contemporary.  In  the  words  of  Jackie  Kennedy  “pearls  are  always  appropriate”. 

Choosing  not  to  use  any  treated  pearls  our  selection  includes: 



Often perfectly round in shape,  cultured  saltwater  Akoyas  are  the  classic  white  pearl,  shining  bright  with  a  mirror-like  lustre and brilliant rich colour.



Our  most  popular  pearl  is  the  cultured  Tahitian.  These  exotic,  naturally  coloured  dark  pearls  native  to  French  Polynesia  shimmer  with  gorgeous  iridescent  overtones.


Ranging  from  baroque  to  round,  cultured  Freshwater  pearls  from  China  vary  in  shape  and  size  presenting  a  rainbow  of  natural  colours.



 Often  the  largest  and  most  luxurious,  cultured  white  and  golden  Southsea  pearls  feature  a  gorgeous  palette  and  are  simply  sought-after.   


top tips

The best thing in the world for preserving the gleam in your pearls is the natural oil in your skin so it’s recommended you wear them as often as possible.

  • Store pieces individually as pearls are relatively soft and can scratch easily.

  • Apply perfume, skin and hair products prior to putting on the jewellery.

  • Keep away from direct heat and liquids.

  • We recommend cleaning and restringing should be under taken every 12-18 months. Please see our Pearl Threading service for more information.