Life’s most special occasions are often celebrated with jewellery. Our bespoke commission service allows you to mark these treasured moments with a unique and personal creation.

Whether it be an entirely new piece or perhaps you have a sentimental family heirloom you wish to have remodelled or restored, we aim to utilise our expert craftsmanship and esteemed service to help guide you seamlessly through the process.

Due to high demand and depending on the complexity, the turnaround for our bespoke pieces is between 5-7 weeks. When finished we offer a free biannual aftercare service to ensure that your jewellery continues to look its best for a lifetime of admiration.


With  over  35  years  of  experience  we  pride  ourselves  on  our  combination  of  traditional  skills  and  modern  techniques,  working  to  superlative  standards.  We  strive  to  use  only  the  finest  quality  gemstones  and  GIA-certified  diamonds  to  complement  our  workmanship. Unlike  many  others,  our  jewellery  is created  by us on-site  with  our  workshop  in  full  view  to customers  from  the  shop  floor. 

To  eliminate  any  unwanted  surprises  often  found  when  traditionally  agreeing  to  a  commission  solely  based  on  a  drawing,  we  incorporate  our  3D  printer  into  the  design  process.  Instead  of  taking  a  leap  of  faith  into  the  unknown,  it  enables  us to  print  you  a  3D model  of your design to  physically  try  on.  This  gives  you  total  peace  of  mind  with  the  size, shape and scale  being  exactly  as  the  finished  piece  will  look... as  they  say,  it’s  better to be  safe  than  sorry!


  • It all starts with an idea! To begin we can discuss your aim, vision and possible budget, often taking inspiration from items in our shop or images you may have.

  • Based on these requirements, we then create a design render giving you a photo realistic overview and accurate visualisation of the concept. A second render can be created if any amendments are needed to secure total satisfaction.

  • Once approved we will then 3D print a model of this design for you to physically try on. This step ensures it meets all expectations and any nasty shocks at the grand reveal are firmly avoided.

  • When happy to proceed with your chosen specifications, we will ask for 50% of the agreed price as a deposit, with the balance payable on completion. Once quoted we will not go over this price even if unexpected costs arise.

  • The real work then begins as we bring your design to life!

Expertise, friendly advice, attention to detail, design quality and simply put, stunning end results mean I’d recommend Mark and his team to anyone looking for something truly special
— Stuart, London