Jewellery insurance

Because safety never takes a holiday!!

Jewellery insurance is designed to help you wear and enjoy your valuable jewellery with confidence. These policies aim to cover the value of your jewellery should the unthinkable happen, whether it gets stolen or damaged. They can help to protect items of high-value which you’ve inherited, such as sentimental family heirlooms, and single high-value items such as beloved engagement rings.

You can do this by either adding s to your existing home or contents insurance policy or by purchasing specific jewellery cover.

Our recommendation:


  • World-wide cover for your jewellery or watches

  • Accidental damage, loss & theft cover

  • No excess on claims

  • Repaired/Replaced by YOUR jeweller wherever possible

We have learnt over the decades that sadly more often than not the small print in general policies doesn’t have the customers interest at heart when it comes to replacing precious items. This is why we recommend, and even use ourselves, the jewellery insurance experts T.H.March.

Should you need to make a claim for a lost or stolen item, not only is it hassle free but they will give you the opportunity to come back to us should you like us to remake the item for you. This is always advisable as we will be able to exactly replicate your original item as we have all designs and details on file. We have found this is the best way to make good of a bad situation!

For a quick quotation and hassle free service you can visit their official website here or call them directly on 0121 236 9433.

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You may have cover under your existing home insurance but does it provide the cover you think (or hope) it does?

To illustrate this point here are a few problems arising under unsuitable general policies that can be solved by products negotiated by T.H.March:

  • No cover away from home

  • Theft cover from your home may only apply following forced entry

  • Accidental loss may not be included

  • Forced to replace lost jewellery via a high-street chain chosen by your insurer

  • Bespoke items may not be able to be replicated at this chosen source

  • If limited details are taken when cover is arranged the replacements can be with items of inferior quality

  • Restrictions on the price of one item or the total amount covered

  • Typical payment of £50+ excess on claims

  • The staff may not understand specific jewellery terminology with fundamental details being lost in communication



tips to keep your jewellery safe

For many of our customers it is one of their worst nightmares to loose an item of either high-value, sentimental value or in many cases a combination of both.

Below are a few things you can do to help keep your jewellery safe and to help ensure any claim on your insurance policy for jewellery is accepted should you ever need it (touch wood you don’t):



Be sure to inform your insurer about any item of relevant value. Dependent on your chosen policy this is usually £1000+, though do check. Should you forget to do so and miss an item it could result in an insurance shortfall, or even invalidate the policy.



This is always a useful habit, not for reminiscing upon but as proof of the purchase price, date, time etc should you ever need to provide evidence to your insurer. Also should your purchase have a corresponding diamond certificate it is hugely important that you also keep that safe.



Make sure your insurance valuations are still valid within your current guidelines, usually a 3 year period, and that its corresponding paperwork is stored in a safe place. A valuation from an accredited jeweller or independent valuer showing a full description and replacement value are vital. Should you need a valuation please bring the item(s) into the shop.



Photographic evident can often help insurers process your claim more easily. Not only does it help with proof of purchase but also aids details should it have to be repaired or replaced. Again, as with the valuations it is useful to keep them up-to-date. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece even just a quick snapshot on your camera phone should be sufficient.



To keep them more secure when not being worn it is advised to keep your valuable jewellery in a safe or lockable cabinet, preferably one that is compliant with your insurer’s safety standards. Obviously if left on show it is much more tempting to any unwanted guests!


6. enjoy wearing it

It goes without saying that jewellery is made to be worn and not stored away without regularly seeing the light of day! We understand many items are not for every day wear but it is worth noting that one of the safest places for jewellery is to actually be worn on the person, so go out and enjoy the admiration!