necklace lengths

Whether  it’s  a  necklace,  pendant  or  string  of  pearls,  different  necklace  lengths  flatter  different  people.  It is  important  to  bring  your  natural  shape,  height, clothing  necklines  and  personal  comfort  into  consideration.

Please see our measurement guide below:


size matters!

- A collar is designed to fit snugly around the centre of the neck, hence is typically between 12”-13”. Evolving from Victorian times they are often made up of multiple rows of pearls.

- A choker rests at the base of the neck and can work well with most clothing necklines. They tend to measure roughly 14”-16” depending on your size.

- The princess length reaches near the collarbone, because of this it is frequently regarded as the most flattering. For this purpose they are often 18” in length.

- A matinee necklace is usually between the collarbone and bust measuring between 20”-24”. This length is designed to be more formal than the princess length but not as extravagant as longer opera/rope styles.

- The opera length is generally on the bust or an inch or two below. Encompassing any length ranging from 25”-38”, this versatile option can be worn long, knotted or doubled over. Traditionally they would have been worn with evening wear (like a night at the opera, who would have guessed!!?).

- Rope or Lariats are any luxurious length measuring over 38”. Similar to the opera length they can be worn long, knotted, doubled or tripled over.