With ever-increasing demand in a fast-moving world, we have developed our jewellery to encompass interchangeable necklace and earring systems, with bracelets in the pipeline. This allows you to adapt your jewellery to suit the style of any occasion in just a mater of seconds. 1 system and an infinite amount of looks.



Interchangeable Necklace


Being mysteriously convertible and technically ingenious, the concept created by Jörg Heinz has been a continual hit with our customers over the past 16 years. 

This interchangeable clasp system allows necklaces to be easily and continually transformed. The two components, the necklace and the catch, each contain a simple bayonet fitting counterpart that fit seamlessly and securely together. The mechanism is invisible to the eye; hidden in the jewellery, it allows the catch to be the focal point of the necklace whether you wish to create an eye-catching piece or dress it down for everyday wear.

Please see the gallery below for a small selection of our interchangeable range or visit the shop for the full effect!



Interchangeable earrings

mix ‘n’ match

From a daytime classic to evening glamour, our interchangeable earrings allow you to mix and match for any event. The timeless collet set studs can be easily transformed into a shimmering array by simply sliding a collar of stones up the post. With a seamless fit and sophisticated setting, when in the ear all you can see is sparkle!

Simple yet elegant, this understated design from solitaire to cluster in one simple step has been hugely popular with our customers. With the further ability to then alternate between varying colour combinations, we have you covered for all eventualities.